Ahlan Simsim Project

According to UNICEF, the continuous exposure to trauma and extreme fear caused double the number of children in Syria to show symptoms of psychological distress in 2020. The long-term and short-term impacts on their mental health are concerning.

Syria Relief & Development (SRD) is focusing on the health of Syrian children through the Ahlan Simsim Project in northwest Syria. Its purpose is to support displaced children in developing, involving their health and well-being.

The project is divided into three main centers, each of which is a safe space for the children. Each center is accompanied by a mobile team that seeks to reach camps and remote places in order to help as many children as possible. These centers are located in the cities of Termanin and Abyan, northwest of Aleppo, and Al-Bab. Ahlan Simsim’s teams achieve its goals through several main activities:

  • Early childhood development activities for children up to 10 years old
  • Parent Skill Activities
  • Caregivers have a referral service for medical and food services
    Entertainment activities

Every month, over 12,000 children benefit from these services.