Child with Disability Recovery

Nizar Afif Hamdan, 13, is a disabled child from the village of Keftin. In addition to his disability, Nizar was also suffering  from bronchitis. He was in desperate need of medical assistance, as well as a wheelchair. In need of help, his family went to Syria Relief & Development’s Killi Clinic. 

At the clinic, Nizar began to receive nebulization sessions to treat his bronchitis. His condition quickly improved after receiving treatment and medication. The clinic also worked in coordination with one of Syria Relief and Development’s warehouses in the Ad Dana area to secure a wheelchair for Nizar. This gift brought joy and hope back to Nizar and his family.

The Killi Clinic works within the Eco Project, which includes Bukra Ahla Center, Akhtarin Hospital, Bab Al-Salama Primary Health Care Center, and five mobile clinics throughout Idlib. Each clinic serves an average of about 2,400 beneficiaries each month.