Greetings from Amman!

SaraSara Jawhari, a recent graduate of the University of Kansas and an avid visual storyteller is traveling to Amman, Jordan this summer to document the stories of Syria Relief and Development’s beneficiaries. Get Sara’s latest updates from Jordan by following us on Twitter (@SyriaRandD) and Facebook (

Hello, my name is Sara Jawhari. I’ve always had a passion for non-profit work—particularly the use of film and media in shining a light on global issues that go unnoticed everyday. I love being part of the solution: my passion and goal in life is to ignite a motivation of transitioning people from being dreamers into mobilizers and organizers through example. I truly believe that everyone in life is capable of magnificence. I also truly believe that when one person stands up and shares their journey, others are inspired to do the same.

I’m traveling to Amman, Jordan this summer to work with Syria Relief and Development (SRD) and help capture SRD’s story in pictures, scenes and words. I’ll be documenting the absolutely phenomenal work that SRD is doing through their medical wing in Akilah Hospital in Amman, Jordan, where they have rented out two floors to provide free medical assistance to Syrian refugees.

Since the birth of the Syrian uprising in 2011, tens of thousands of Syrians have lost their lives, millions are internally displaced, more than 1.5 million have fled to neighboring countries and millions are in need of aid. Each day this humanitarian crisis continues to worsen. SRD has been working inside Syria and with refugees in Jordan to help provide food to those in need and quality medical care to the injured.

Storytelling is a big part of who I am. I’ve always loved writing, interviewing people and sharing their stories with others. I love sitting down and listening to how everything from triumphs to tragedies have shaped those I’m speaking to and made them who they are today. I truly believe that, in sharing these stories, others are inspired to take action.

My goal throughout the next few weeks is to keep you all as involved as possible through frequent updates of my personal experiences meeting those being treated in the hospital and sharing stories of refugees I get to know throughout the summer. Meet the refugees through my words and visuals.

Look out for my next blog post featuring my first experience visiting Akilah Hospital, meeting patients and of SRD’s care package distributions to Syrian refugees around Amman!