Healing with Psychosocial Support

nourThis is Nour. After a bomb struck her home and displaced her family, Nour worried constantly about losing one of her parents or another loved one. Her worry led to nightmares and severe anxiety, to the point where she couldn’t leave her shelter to attend school.

As a participant in counseling and activity sessions at one of our psychosocial support centers in Daraa, Nour is learning how to cope with the painful feelings she is experiencing. We are happy to report that her nightmares have stopped and she has returned to school where her performance is good.

Psychosocial support is critical to help children like Nour cope with the traumas of war. Children and adolescents exposed to armed conflict are at high risk of developing mental health problems (see two studies in the National Institute of Health’s Library of Medicine here and here). SRD recognizes this risk and the potential that exists for Syria’s future if children are given the tools to better cope with their feelings in efforts to address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and a variety of other mental health issues. Our Pediatric Primary Healthcare Centers in Daraa include psychosocial support clinics as part of their health services for children.

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