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IUSR is dedicated to providing young Syrians with the opportunities they deserve to forge a brighter future for themselves and Syria. Donate today to help fund further education opportunities for Syrian students.

A Higher Education

University education opportunities are not what generally come to mind when considering giving support to Syrians. Rather, it’s usually thoughts of providing food or medical aid. In fact, young adults are working hard to try to escape the cycle of hardship the civil war has cast them into in an attempt to build an independant future for both themselves and Syria.

High school graduates from Syria are unable to find opportunities to pursue higher education due to the bombing of thousands of schools in the last decade. One in three schools can no longer be used because they’ve been damaged, destroyed, or occupied. Unless something is done soon, the current state of Syria’s education sector will hinder the country’s future economic growth and contributions to local and global development.

By donating to IUSR today, you can help change the future of Syria’s youngest generations, providing them with the opportunity they deserve to pursue their dreams.


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Educate Five students for One Year

Pursuing Dreams

Noor, 22, was studying for her bachelor’s degree when she was forced to leave her studies and her home to seek shelter in a safer area. After relocating, Noor heard about IUSR’s Global High School (GHS) diploma program which would allow her both a chance to pursue her studies at a reputable university and to learn English. The scholarship she received to attend GHS covers 85% of her tuition and fees. Noor’s dream is to seek admission in an internationally-accredited university after completing her diploma at GHS. She looks forward to building an independent stable future for herself.

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