Malnourished Baby Rescued

Syria Relief & Development’s (SRD) Rapid Response Team works to find and assist cases of malnutrition. They recently discovered a baby named We’am living in a tent with her parents in northern Syria. She was suffering from loss of appetite and severe emaciation, which are signs of malnutrition.

“We were forced to flee our village in the southern countryside of Idlib to the Al-Anfal Camp, where my husband, like many others, was unable to find work, making life even more difficult,” We’am’s mother explained. “Under these conditions, I couldn’t keep my strength up, especially during my second pregnancy with my daughter.” Her mother stopped breastfeeding because she was worried her milk was not sufficient. “I tried to feed her what was available in the tent, but she refused to eat anything and would not even drink water,” she explained.

When SRD’s Rapid Response Team arrived, We’am was found to be suffering from extreme acute malnutrition. Her treatment started right away.

We’am’s mother was assured that breastfeeding her child was completely appropriate. Community health workers provided her with an education on how to provide her child with proper nutrition, as well as nutrients and vitamins.

The team continued visits until their treatment objectives were met. We’am’s weight rose and she seemed healthier and happier with each visit.