Mobile Health Clinics

Mobile health clinics, a vital service reaching women and girls in need.

Over 820 women and girls in northwest Syria are reached each month through mobile clinics in Milis thanks to a partnership between @eu_echo and UNFPA.

“Ensuring access to health services for vulnerable women, especially women with disabilities and those with special needs, is vital for communities in Syria. Unsafe conditions and long distances make it challenging for women to seek healthcare,” says Shifaa who is a mobile clinic caseworker at the Milis health center in Idlib governorate.

“The most important services that are provided to these women, in addition to reproductive healthcare, are psychological support and referral services, which help to mitigate the effects of war and the dire humanitarian situation. These services have a tremendous positive impact on the surrounding community.”

Ratiba who received services at the Milis mobile clinic says: “The clinic renewed my hope in life by saving us the great trouble of going to more distant healthcare centers. The clinic has helped us overcome feelings of sadness and anger that this bitter life has brought us.”