Nine-year-old gains confidence to live her dreams through SRD

Many lives in Syria have been displaced, leaving them to live in tents. In these tents are stories and everyone has their own story to tell. 

Nine-year-old Rahf lives under the vulnerable shelter of a tent with her family in Shamarikh Camp. Born with brain atrophy, life has been especially cruel since her family was displaced from their hometown four years ago. She has three brothers, the oldest being six years old and twins at the age of one. 

“Dad, I want a wheelchair, that’s all I dream about, I want to get out of the fabrics of this tent.”

Her family was helpless with no means of obtaining a wheelchair in their dreadful living conditions. “I constantly worried about my daughter and getting her a wheelchair,” said her mother. “Then Ms. Buthaina from the Shamrach team visited us and prepared an assessment of Rahf’s special needs.”

Buthaina immediately informed her supervisor of Rahf’s condition and began an action plan. It included providing psychological support sessions focusing on psychological pressures and how to manage them, as well as working on integrating them with activities for children in an attempt to get to know new friends. Also, connecting with local organizations to secure a wheelchair for Rahf, in addition to some gifts that warmed the heart of the little one. It wasn’t long before the chair was secured and handed over to the family. 

“I can now go from the narrowness of the tent to the capacity of life and I will meet whoever I want,” said Rahf. There is no end to her dreams, just as there is no end to the splendor of her innocence.