SRD education programSince the conflict began in Syria, the country’s education system has taken a major hit as primary schools and universities have either shutdown because of fleeing populations or been destroyed amid bombardment. As a result, both formal and informal education initiatives have been used to address the pressing need for quality education and training in Syria.

SRD believes in education as a fundamental human right. Education creates a better future and economic prosperity for a nation by training the next generation of skilled professionals. It also builds peace, provides life-sustaining and income-generating opportunities for individuals and families, and also prevents youth from becoming disenfranchised and susceptible to recruitment by extremist groups.

To address the need for more education and training in Syria and to simultaneously address the needs of women interested in developing skills to help provide for their families, SRD has created skills-based training opportunities for women through our vocational training center for women and girls in Idleb. At the center, women are offered skills-based courses in cosmetology, computer literacy, sewing and languages in order to gain opportunities for livelihood and work toward a return to normalcy in a safe space with access to trained social workers who offer private psychosocial support sessions.

We are also providing women in remote, hard-to-reach communities in Syria with training in midwifery to help reduce the rates of maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality and help communities better thrive.