No Lost Generation

Right now in Syria, over 1.75 million students are out of school, with an additional 1.4 million at increased risk of dropping out. Educational services available are often lacking the necessary resources to provide quality education. Only 50% of students displaced in Northern Syria will have a chance to continue their high school educations due to nearly 25% of schools in the area being damaged, destroyed, or occupied. And only 40% of high school students in Syria have an opportunity to pursue higher education to contribute to Syria’s future economic development. The current state of Syria’s Education sector will hinder the country’s future economic growth and contributions to local and global development.

SRD’s International Rescue University

To address the dire need for quality higher education, SRD has established the International Rescue University (IRU), a hybrid online and in-person nonprofit institution, approved to operate by the State of Kansas. IRU provides quality higher education to displaced Syrian students and others around the world.

iru-education-graphCurrent enrollment:

150 students*

*All of these students are either internally-displaced persons (IDPs), widows, have lost family members due to violence, or are severely economically impacted by the conflict.

# of students
College of Economics and Management 50
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration 15
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Human Resources Management 20
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting and Auditing 15
College of Computer Information Technology 40
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Information Technology 15
Associate Degree (AD) in Cyber and network Security 25
College of Health & Medical Sciences 45
Associate Degree (AD) in Midwifery 13
Associate Degree (AD) in Pediatric Nursing 20
Associate Degree (AD) in Dental Prosthesis 12
College of Arts 15
Associate Degree in The Technology of Media and Journalism 15

Tuition for IRU students is $1,200 per year. Scholarships and tuition waivers are available based on a student’s financial circumstances. Tuition waivers vary between 75% to 100% of the cost of attendance. During the 2017-2018 academic school year, 13 students received a complete tuition waiver and the remaining 134 students in attendance received at least a 75% tuition and fee waiver. The total value of the waivers granted for the school year totaled $140,520.

IRU’s instruction occurs through educational web tools, such as Blackboard and Orbound, that allow students to access course materials and submit assignments.  Teaching is both instructor-led, for local students, and asynchronous for students who are either completing the program through distance learning or are otherwise unable to attend courses in-person. Both methods incorporate the importance of peer-to-peer interactions and independent study. Asynchronous course materials include audio-video lectures, PowerPoint and web presentations, student discussion forums, and more. 

IRU has 40 full-time faculty members, 20 of whom hold PhD degrees in their areas of expertise and 20 who hold Master of Science degrees. 

Hanan & Ahmed

21 year-old Hanan lived with her family in Aleppo when the crisis in Syria begin. She was working as a supervisor at a children’s nursery and studying to be a teacher. Amid aerial strikes, Hanan and her older brother Ahmed were both injured and fled with their family to Idleb.

Because of their financial circumstances and disabilities, both Hanan and Ahmed were offered full scholarships and their tuitions were fully covered. “I’m thankful for all of the support and my hope is that more supporters will help cover other areas and benefit more students.”

SRD’s Global High School

SRD has established Global High School (GHS), a subsidiary branch within International Rescue University, that provides:

  • Internationally-accredited high school diplomas to Syrian students whose schooling may have been disrupted by ongoing violence, forced displacement, restrictions on movement, or a lack of educational opportunities
  • A strong, online curriculum of instruction that emphasizes English language comprehension, critical thinking, and writing for success in the global economy
  • Accredited, internationally-recognized high school diplomas in a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Missouri (MU)
  • Graduates are eligible to apply to any accredited university worldwide
  • Preparation for college entrance and contribution to Syrian and global economic development

500 student capacity, approximately 150-170 per grade

200 additional student capacity for those seeking an internationally-accredited high school diploma equivalency 

25 qualified teachers who can implement GHS education standards

Additional qualified teachers and tutors are hired, depending on the GHS student enrollment, from a pool of  600  teaching candidates in Idleb, Syria

$20 Basic enrollment fee (per year, per student)

$1,200 Completion of English proficiency to receive internationally-accredited diploma

Grants and Scholarships are available based on a student’s individual needs, grades, and vulnerability-level

Pursuing Dreams

22 year-old Noor was studying for her bachelor’s degree when she was forced to leave her studies and her home to seek shelter in a safer area. After relocating, Noor heard about SRD’s Global High School (GHS) diploma program which would allow her not only the chance to later pursue her studies at a reputable university either inside or outside of Syria, but to also learn English. The scholarship she received to attend GHS covers 85% of her tuition and fees. Noor’s dream is to seek admission in an internationally-accredited university after completing her diploma at GHS.