Emergency Response

SRD Aleppo crisis responseSRD is dedicated to bringing aide to those affected by the world’s most pressing humanitarian crisis today.

In December 2016, fighting between conflict parties escalated in Aleppo and caused a major fleeing of Syrians to surrounding areas, rendering them as internally-displaced persons (IDPs). SRD staff in Northern Syria responded to the crisis escalation by providing the following:

12 Ambulance Cars

to transport the wounded and disabled to regional health facilities

Maternity & Childhood Hospital

to provide pediatric services and labor/delivery care

8 Primary Health Care Clinics

to treat the sick and injured

3 Mobile Clinics

to provide first-aid and basic health services

23,000 Meals for IDPs

through an emergency kitchen in collaboration with Onsur Association

1,000 Heaters & Fuel

for IDPs

4 Reproductive Health Clinics & Psychosocial Support Mobile Clinics
26,800 Milk Kits

for IDP children in Idleb and Aleppo, in collaboration with Barada Association

SRD is continuing to assist IDPs who fled Aleppo for safety as well as other IDPs in Northern Syria, providing them with a variety of services.