Emergency Response

SRD Aleppo crisis responseSyria Relief & Development (SRD) staff has been responding to the world’s most pressing humanitarian crisis since 2011. Today, innocent civilians are still being attacked on a daily basis. 

The Systematic Targeting of Healthcare Personnel and Facilities

According to Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), from March 2011 through March 2020, PHR corroborated 595 attacks on at least 350 separate medical facilities and documented the killing of 923 medical personnel.

Chemical Weapons Attacks

Since 2013, when multiple deadly gas attacks happened in Aleppo, Idleb, and the outskirts of Damascus, Syria has recorded at least one chemical attack every year. These attacks create urgent large-scale health emergencies that local health facilities are unequipped to handle. Obtaining medical equipment and medication becomes a huge burden for healthcare providers who are striving to save the lives of the most vulnerable people.

SRD’s emergency staff provides the following services in an effort to fulfill our mission of planting the seeds of sustainable development in Syria:

26 Ambulance Cars

Transport the wounded and disabled to regional health facilities

6 Maternity & Children’s Hospitals

Provide pediatric and labor/delivery care

8 Primary Health Care Clinics

Provide primary and reproductive healthcare

29 Mobile & Static Clinics

Provide first-aid and basic health services

20 Nutrition Centers 

IYCF (Infant & Young Child Feeding Program) and provide meals through emergency kitchens

Heaters & Fuel

For IDPs

2 Physical Therapy Centers & 2 Mental Health Initiatives 
Shelter & NFI Kits

Hygiene, shelter, and other basic necessities for IDPs

Al-Bab – October 6, 2020, a truck bombing attack in a busy residential neighborhood at the center of Al-Bab city killed at least 18 civilians and injured over 70 more.

Al Ferdous Maternity and Children’s Hospital – February 17, 2020, SRD’s Al Ferdous Maternity and Child Care Hospital in Daret Ezzeh was hit by unlawful airstrikes leaving extensive damage to the facility and one worker badly injured. Staff and patients were evacuated in order to escape the violence, leaving 200,000 people in need of medical care.

Idlib – April 4, 2017, a chemical attack in Idlib killed 89 people, one-third of whom were children, and injured hundreds more. 178 individuals were treated at SRD’s hospitals after inhaling chemical gas. Most of the patients experienced respiratory failure.

Eastern Ghouta – 400,000 people had been under siege in Eastern Ghouta. In 2017, UNICEF reported that nearly 12% of children in Eastern Ghouta were suffering from acute malnutrition. SRD provided the people with 23,000 meal kits, 1,000 heaters/fuel, and 26,800 care packages.

Aleppo – December 2016, fighting between conflicting sides in Aleppo escalated, forcing thousands of Syrians to flee to neighboring areas and become internally displaced people (IDPs).