SRD Empowerment programSRD has responded to the protection needs of Syrian women and girls through 3 Community Training & Empowerment Centers and Mobile Protection Services. The centers have become a central hub for women interested in education, training, and psychosocial support.
The psychosocial support activities offered at the centers include recreational activities and individual and group support sessions. Recreational activities include painting sessions for young girls and carry a psychosocial component where subject-matters are designed to inspire dialogue on traumatic events. Individual and group support provide sessions in relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, developing problem-solving skills, anger management tactics, preventing child marriage, developing leadership skills, and encouraging physical and social activities.
Many of the women who attend the centers are sole providers or those in difficult family situations. The centers have treated women suffering from mental abuse, forced marriage, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and gender-based violence and provide them with safe spaces and risk mitigation in case safety plans are needed. The women can also choose to engage in education and skills-based training in sewing, knitting, computers, language skills, and cosmetology. Many have gone on to use their skills in providing for themselves and their families.