Food Security

food-securityFood Security programming has been a continuous sector of operation for SRD, both as stand-alone projects and also integrated into projects with other sectors, including Health, Nutrition, and NFI. SRD’s food security programming seeks to ensure optimal health, growth and development for families, most importantly children, by addressing Syrians’ urgent need for basic necessities and access to quality, nutritious food.

Since the conflict in Syria began, both the cost and availability of food in the country have created a scarcity for Syrians who live in areas where food is either unattainable or unaffordable. In besieged areas, the situation is even more desperate. SRD’s food security programs have consisted of food banks in the form of iftars (evening meals) during Ramadan, so Syrians don’t have to worry about where to obtain their evening meals from after day-long fasts. In addition, we also conduct Udhiyah Qurbani meat distributions in line with traditional customs. Many Syrian families don’t eat meat as the high costs of livestock and its products make it unattainable for many. The Qurbani meat distributions provide local, nourishing food for Syrian families who face food insecurity on a daily basis. SRD also provides food kits to families along with winterization kits during NFI distributions, including in besieged Eastern Ghouta.