Non-food Items (NFI)

nfsAround 1.2 million houses in Syria have been damaged since the start of the conflict, and 400,000 of those have been completely destroyed and are uninhabitable. Since SRD’s founding in 2011, NFI programming has been a staple programmatic sector of aid distribution for us, whether through a stand-alone project or, more often, integrated in projects that also implement programming from other sectors such as Health, Protection and Shelter.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are used as a renewable energy source for homes during shelter construction and rehabilitation as well as at SRD’s operational facilities in Syria. The panels provide energy during frequent power outages and SRD staff members train local communities on the panels’ safe usage and maintenance. 

With unreliable electricity in Syria, energy has become a scarce resource and solar panels provide much-needed renewable energy that can be life-saving when installed at health care sites or other locations that provide much needed services. One significant use for solar panels has been at SRD’s healthcare facilities. Thanks to the support of Filmmaker Iara Lee, Founder/Director of the Cultures of Resistance Network and a constant champion for the Syrian people, solar panels were installed at our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, one of SRD’s Empowerment Centers for Women and Girls, and 5 Primary Healthcare Centers in Northern Syria. 

Teddy Bear Distributions

For the past 3 years SRD has partnered with The Teddy Trust to deliver teddy bears to vulnerable Syrian children. The Teddy Trust is a UK-based nonprofit organization whose founder, Ellie Targett, reached out to SRD in 2015 after spending 2 years collecting teddy bears for children in hospitals, hospices, homes, and rape crisis centers in South Africa. Since 2015, the organization has sent SRD over 35,000 teddy bears that have been distributed to conflict-affected Syrian children across the country. For children who may find it difficult to communicate with others about their fears, the teddy bears provide a source of healing. SRD is hopeful in continuing to partner with The Teddy Trust in the years to come to continue providing healing to Syrian children.

Additional NFIs provided by SRD

May include soap, detergent, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, diapers and dignity kits (i.e. sanitary napkins)

Include blankets, mattresses, thermal clothing, coats, rugs, heating fuel, charcoal/firewood and heating units (sobas/space heaters) 

Include household items such as cookware, dinnerware, utensils, and cooking fuel

Allow beneficiaries to acquire items they need from designated vendors who will accept the vouchers as payment and receive reimbursement from SRD