Pregnant mother in Syria journeys with triplets to safety

“Finally, after four years, my dreams of being a mother were coming true,” said Wafa. Those were her words when she found out she was pregnant during a checkup. It was then when Wafa’s doctor told her that she was pregnant with triplets.

Wafa rushed to the clinic waiting room to tell her husband about the great news. The couple’s happiness filled the room with their joy and laughter.

“There were only a few days of joy until I started to have bad thoughts,” said Wafa. “My husband was not working, and our living conditions were very bad.” In search of shelter, Wafa and her husband left their home with nothing but their clothes. They journeyed to settle in Dara Ezza with Wafa’s sister’s family.

“A week after our arrival, the Azza clinic began visiting me to keep track of my health and provided me with necessary vitamins,” said Wafa.

Wafa had a caesarean section and named her three children Islam, Zainab and Saif. “It was an unforgettable moment, I will never forget who helped me on this journey to see my children healthy next to me,” said Wafa.