Pregnant Woman Seeks Nutritional Assistance

UNICEF estimates that 4.7 million children and pregnant women are at risk of malnutrition and in need of nutritional services. Hundreds of cases of malnutrition have been recorded inside of Syria Relief & Development (SRD) clinics.

Moujefa Hassan Al-Ahmad, 29, was displaced from Aleppo’s countryside and settled in a camp in northern Syria. Eight months pregnant, she feared for her unborn child. Moujefa visited Bab Al-Hawa Clinic, where she was diagnosed as malnourished.

Moujefa immediately began treatment and showed more improvement with each visit. When she missed her fourth visit, the team checked up on her and found it was because she was delivering a beautiful baby girl. SRD’s team taught her about the importance of breastfeeding and the dangers of feeding your baby anything besides breast milk. Moujefa was surprised that she had the ability to breastfeed, but was able to nurse her newborn baby. SRD staff ensured that Moujefa and her daughter will both receive the basic nutrition the baby needs to grow healthily.