Udhiyah Qurbani

qurbani_landing-pageHow to Give Udhiyah Qurbani to a Syrian family in need:

    1. Visit our donation page by clicking here.
    2. When you reach “Program to Support,” choose one of the qurbani options in the dropdown menu. Here are the choices you will be given:
      • Udhiyah Qurbani–Sheep (85-90 lbs/1 udhiyah) $320
      • Udhiyah Qurbani–Cow (550kg/7 udhiyah) $1500
    3. When you are finished entering your information, click “submit donation”. If you have any trouble or general questions, give us a call at (913) 438-9990 or email us!

What is Udhiyah Qurbani?

Udhiyah Qurbani is truly one of the greatest sacrifices that come from the heart. Its rich history has roots in an Islamic tradition of sacrifice that dates back to Abraham (peace be upon him) and has been carried on by Muslims for more than 1400 years. Click here to visit our donation page and give a sacrifice from the heart to Syrians in need. 

Udhiyah Qurbani is a ritual Muslims worldwide perform each year. During this ritual, a qurbani–or sacrifice–is performed on an udhiyah–a certain type of animal (cow, sheep, goat or camel).

This ritual represents a major sacrifice in Quranic history: when Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Ismail (peace be upon him). Abraham and Ismail both accepted the decree and were in position to carry out the sacrifice but God replaced Ismail with a ram and asked Abraham to sacrifice the ram instead.

In honor of Abraham’s sacrifice and devotion, Muslims perform Udhiyah Qurbani every year on Eid al-Adha, the feast of the sacrifice, which takes place on the 10th day of the Islamic calendar month of Dhul Hijjah and lasts for 3 days.

Udhiyah Qurbani QA Infographic

Udhiyah Qurbani for Syrians in Need

Udhiyah Qurbani boy

With millions of Syrians living in food insecurity and dealing with the daily threat of hunger amid conflict, our Udhiyah Qurbani program provides much-needed food care and relief to Syrian families. Just one Udhiyah Qurbani can provide enough meat to feed up to 100 families! 

Udhiyah Qurbani meat packages are delivered to families in need. Each package is filled with fresh, zabihah (sacrificed as per Islamic guidelines) meat. For many Syrians, eating meat has become a rarity as crop and livestock have been severely affected by the ongoing conflict and food costs have skyrocketed.

You Can Help

This year, your Udhiyah Qurbani can be a sacrifice from the heart that helps Syrian families in need. Your gift of an Udhiyah Qurbani sacrifice can provide fresh, zabihah meat to orphans, widows and other people who have been affected by a brutal ongoing conflict.

Click here to visit our donation page and give a sacrifice from the heart to Syrians in need.