Rana’s Child Therapy

Rana, six, lives with her parents and four siblings in a tent in the northern countryside of Idleb, having been displaced from their home. The little girl was spending most of her time alone and didn’t want to socialize with other children her age. Her worried mother, Nahed, heard about Syria Relief & Development’s Ahlan Simsim Project and brought her daughter in for help. Rana began therapy sessions with Samar, an Ahlan Simsim worker, and began her healing process. Samar empathized with Nahed the importance of participating in therapy sessions with her daughter.

During the second session, Samar talked with Nahed about the importance of play in a child’s development. The sessions gave Rana an opportunity for development by way of fun activities.

Nahed participated in another session called “Positive Discipline,” in which she was reminded of the importance of nonviolent parenting under the pressures of displacement. She also attended sessions focused on psychological pressures and the technique of managing those pressures. “These sessions changed my way of thinking when dealing with my child,” said Nahed. “Rana is now laughing and socializing with her loved ones.”