Salma’s Return to Health

Salma, 51, and her husband have been displaced many times due to bombings in Saraqib, Ariha, and Idleb. They were continually on the move until they arrived at Saraqib Camp, located next to Dana.

“I’m diabetic and have high blood pressure,” Salma explained. “I was unable to follow my medicine or diet while escaping the bombings. The pain in my lower body had become so intense that I couldn’t even move or stand for my prayers.”

Salma was led to Darat Azza Clinic by other camp families. The clinic’s doctor quickly discovered Salma had diabetic nerve imbalance, high arterial tension, and degenerative knee disease. In order to heal and avoid any kidney or eye damage, her recovery plan included medication, diet, and blood sugar management guidelines. Salma’s health improved as a result of her commitment to the doctor’s orders and regular follow-ups.

Salma expressed her gratitude by saying, “I feel like my power has returned to me. After losing faith in my ability to live a normal life as before, I’ve started walking and praying with reassurance.”