SRD Clinic Helps Grandmother Survive

Mrs. Samar, 65, never imagined her life would be so difficult at her age. When her husband and son died years ago, she was left as the sole provider for her grandchildren.

Their situation was made worse by the fact that Mrs. Samar was consistently growing weaker due to an illness. She was afraid that, due to the lack of health facilities, she would die, leaving her grandchildren alone.

Mrs. Samar worked hard to fulfill the needs of the small children, but her efforts eventually wore her down to the point where her legs could not support her body, and she collapsed. Fortunately, she soon learned about Darat Azza Clinic, SRD’s mobile clinic that makes weekly visits to her village.

After evaluation, an SRD doctor diagnosed her with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, arterial hypertension, and degenerative knee disease. She was given essential medication, as well as information on how to manage her diabetes. The doctor urged her to avoid bending her legs and crouching and highlighted the importance of returning to the clinic on a frequent basis.

The clinical team reported that Mrs. Samar’s condition improved within a week of her care plan being implemented. Her symptoms of weakness have faded, and she is now able to walk with ease. Mrs. Samar’s doctor reassured her that if she sticks to the care plan, she will be energized and healthy enough to be able to care for her grandkids.