SRD empowers women through protection services at Bokra Ahla Center

Years of violence and destruction in Syria have shattered millions of lives. Women and girls have particularly faced the brutality of the crisis.

Women typically are the ones trying to keep their families together during hard times. Many families have lost their fathers, leaving the mother as the sole breadwinner. Women also face gender-based violence along with food insecurity and lack of educational opportunities.

Syria Relief & Development’s empowerment program responds to the protection needs of Syrian women and girls through three community training & empowerment centers, as well as mobile protection services. The centers have become a central hub for women interested in education, training, and psychosocial support.

The Bokra Ahla Center is located in the town of Aaqrabâte, which has a population of 8,000 indigenous people and 10,000 displaced people. The town is close to many camps because it is central to Atma, Qah, Deir Hassan, and Kafr Lusin.

This center provides its services through 6 mobile protection cars and has a staff of 50 employees, including specialists in psychosocial, violence, and child protection support.

The Bokra Ahla Center services also include:

  • Stress treatment sessions
  • Emergency response for vulnerable women, girls, boys, and men
  • Non-systematic activities at the community center for women, girls, boys, and men
  • Parenting skill sessions for caregivers
  • Daycare for young children
  • Events for people with disabilities, especially sports and art exhibitions
  • Training and supervision of gender-based violence and child protection