SRD establishes dispatch system in Afrin

Coordinating and transferring patients from one medical center to another is an urgent matter in delivering efficient medical care. In response, SRD opened the central dispatch office on February 20, 2019, in Afrin.

The Center links all medical centers of the Afrin districts to all the districts, villages, and organizations operating in the region. Open 24 hours a day, the center functions with a system of shifts among the staff.

“The office organizes the movement of cars and coordinates between centers to receive any emergency or situation, or to transfer patients from one center to another through 8 ambulances, 5 of which are equipped with an ambulance nurse.” – Project Coordinator Ayman Yousef

The central dispatch office does not work in isolation from the Idlib referral office. Coordination between them is present in addition to coordination cases that require transfer with the Turkish health system.