SRD Midwife Offers Expertise During Crisis in Northern Syria

Exceptional women have teamed with Syria Relief & Development to provide humanitarian relief to the people of Syria during the ongoing crisis. Samira Al Awad, a certified midwife and one of SRD’s humanitarian workers, was positioned in Idlib in response to the ongoing attacks. “I work during moments of birth and death,” said Al Awad, “Joy and sadness.”

The number of healthcare providers has been decreasing steadily for years. Despite the fact that healthcare facilities in Syria are a main target for airstrikes, Al Awad is determined to help by offering her expertise. She carries on working here, in the most dangerous place on Earth to be a healthcare provider, because she believes that it is her calling. “I will continue working as long as I can put a smile on people’s faces, despite the hard living conditions we have in Northern Syria,” says Al Awad.