SRD Responds to Crisis in Northern Syria

Over 1,027,279 have fled their homes and are displaced in camps in Northern Syria as the country goes through its eighth year of war. Averages of 300 civilians, including children, are killed by the attacks each month. As the attacks and airstrikes continue, more innocent civilians are in need of basic necessities such as nutrition, education, shelter and healthcare. It is SRD’s mission to address these needs through our established programs within Syria and create sustainable development for the people of Syria. 

More than 113 schools have been completely destroyed, affecting more than 191,233 students. SRD understands that this loss of education will negatively impact the developing population and is working to make sure that there is no lost generation.

In addition, more than 67 health facilities, including our Pulse of Life Hospital, have been destroyed.

SRD is providing primary health care services, chronic disease surveillance, psychological support, medicine, shelter, clean water and nutritional baskets. Our mobile health clinics have provided care to over 15 camps with 15,500 beneficiaries, including 4,000 children.

We are responding to their desperate call for help and hope to continue to deliver lifesaving emergency relief. They urgently need our help.