SRD Saves 4-year-old from Tuberculosis

It was a sad day for 4-year-old, Raghad, when her family found out that she had tuberculosis. Living with her family in refugee camps in northern Syria, Raghad’s health had grown increasingly worse since the onset of a severe cold a year prior to her diagnosis. Following obvious weight loss, her father began to search for medical help. They visited several doctors, but each one diagnosed her situation in a different way.  “We visited many PHCs and started the treatment journey. It was so hard. Her situation was so bad, and the treatment wasn’t working,” said Raghad’s father. “I felt that I was about to lose my daughter until someone told me about Maarat Hurma PHC’s specialized physicians.”

Once at SRD’s Maarat Hurma PHC, Raghad was ultimately diagnosed with tuberculosis. Her father was horrified, because his older sister had recently died from the same disease. Thankfully, following six months of treatment, Raghad’s health was restored.