SRD teams with sister organizations to address shelter crisis

American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS) has called on member organizations to address the thousands of families across northwestern Syria that are living without shelter. Syria Relief & Development, Syrian Forum USA, Rahma Worldwide and Syrian American Engineers Association (SAEA) agreed to act to provide shelters for families in time for the winter. Through the 100 Homes 100 Hopes (Helping Families in Need in Syria) campaign, donors can help raise funds to provide shelters and a sustainable incomes to displaced families.

This two-stage initiative will empower families to rebuild their own futures. The first step is to rehabilitate shelters that will include sealed walls with roofing, insulation, windows, electricity, and plumbing. Second, addressing sustainability by providing displaced persons with business training and microgrants. The goal is to help reestablish their livelihoods to invigorate their economy. ARCS has promised to allocate microgrants to 100 families. The mission is to create a strong future for Syria by planting seeds of sustainable development.

Help us raise money to provide winter-ready shelters and sustainable income to the families most in need. For more information please visit Here