SRD’s Jindires clinic makes mother’s dreams of a baby come true

“I’ve always dreamt of having a baby but since I married at the age of 40, I thought it was impossible,” said Khadija. She tried for three years with no access to medical assistance and ultimately, no success.

One day, Syria Relief & Development’s Jindires Mobile Clinic started coming to her village near Gendares every week. She decided to visit and meet with a midwife to get their medical opinion. After discussing Khadija’s situation, the midwife assured that she will not be given up on.

She found the presence of female infections in Khadija, which prompted her first to treat Khadija through the appropriate medications. After recovery, the midwife monitored her ovulation periodically, with medications such as folic acid and ovulation boosters. Within six months, Khadija was pregnant.

Khadija and her husband’s dream of having their own baby finally became a reality. Khadija is now in her third month and visits the midwife every week to ensure that her baby is growing healthy.