Syrian woman finally gets high school diploma at age 27 and continues education through SRD

“Growing up, I often heard the same question,” said Amina. “What is your dream?” Her answer has been the same for years, to receive an education.

Amina was unable to attend high school after she was forced to marry at an early age. Finally, at the age of 27, she had the opportunity to receive her high school diploma in Ghouta Damascus. “I received my diploma, but it was not enough for me to go to college,” said Amina.

Although she was unable to fulfill her dreams of attending college, she believed it was her duty to help people during the ongoing crisis. She soon found work with an ambulance and began saving lives.

Unfortunately, Amina soon received news that one of her children was seriously injured. “This was a watershed moment in my life and my passion for nursing increased,” said Amina.

In 2018, Amina was forced to abandon her home and move to northern Syria with her family. There she began to work in a hospital. Despite everything, her dream of studying nursing stayed alive.

“I had a glimmer of hope when Syria Relief & Development’s School of Nursing and Midwifery in Afrin opened and knew this was my chance to attend school,” said Amina. “Yes, now I am 42 years old, but my dreams of learning and progressing have not aged one bit.”

Amina was able to organize time to attend school even with family responsibilities and brutal living conditions.

“I will continue this path, it is my dream,” said Amina. “I am waiting for my second-semester exams and am closer to graduating with my desired degree.”