Two SRD humanitarian workers transform Al-Dar Drana Center

Ever since Ihsan Zakaria was a kid, he dreamed of being an artist and learning different languages, particularly English. “I’ve always expressed myself through writing and have been obsessed with the English language,” said Ihsan.

Years later, Ihsan began studying English literature at the university in his hometown, Deir Ezzor. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave school when the war uprooted his family from their home. They settled in Al-Bab, where he began to work as an English teacher for the Social Welfare Association (SRD).

“I saw the empty walls of the Al-Dar Drana Center, and felt motivated to fill them with drawings to brighten the space,” said Ihsan. “Then I found out that my colleague at the center, Samer Alaboud, shared my interests.”

Samer specializes in community outreach for the center. He spoke with the center administration to approve this project.

Initially, the project began as a single drawing. The two artists continued to expand their artwork on the walls and turned the center into a heartwarming environment.

Thanks to Ihsan and Samer, the center brings children comfort and joy in their time of need.