Ramadan Food Basket

Witness the Impact of Your Ramadan Food Basket

This Ramadan, SRD (Syria Relief Development) invites you to be the source of light and hope. As we uphold the sacred spirit of giving, your generosity fuels the Ramadan Food Basket initiative, providing vital sustenance to those in need. Transparency is not just a word for us—it’s a commitment to show you the direct impact of your Ramadan support.

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The month of Ramadan illuminates the pressing needs in Syria, especially for food security. SRD, through its integrated programs, addresses these challenges. We don’t just provide aid; we nurture sustainable development, sowing seeds for a brighter future. Witness the tangible changes your Ramadan Food Basket brings to individuals and communities facing the challenges of the Syrian crisis!

Nourishment in Every Basket

Ever wondered what’s inside the Ramadan Food Baskets? Each basket contains carefully selected items to provide essential nutrition during the holy month:

Additionally, each basket includes fresh vegetables, providing recipients with a well-rounded assortment of food items to meet their nutritional needs. Your support ensures these thoughtfully curated baskets reach those in need, spreading nourishment and hope throughout the Ramadan season.

Illuminate Lives this Ramadan

Numbers of Compassion

In 2023, your support touched the lives of 852,030 individuals —108,947 men, 364,360 women, and 378,723 children. Beyond statistics, these numbers represent dreams and aspirations becoming a reality. Since 2011, over 18 million humanitarian interventions have been made, rebuilding lives and offering hope.

Education: Empowering Minds

In 2022, 6,439 individuals benefited from education initiatives, fostering self-sufficiency and resilience for a brighter future.

Healthcare: Healing and Hope

Our healthcare initiatives reached 605,357 individuals in 2023, ensuring health as a right through mobile clinics, mental health initiatives, and hospitals.

Nutrition: Nourishing Lives

12,870 individuals benefited from our nutrition programs, emphasizing the impact on pregnant women, caregivers, and awareness sessions.

Protection & Empowerment: Building Resilience

In 2023, 217,220 individuals found strength through our programs, empowering them to stand tall in adversity.

Seasonal Distribution: Spreading Warmth

7,863 beneficiaries received warmth during the coldest times in 2023.

Shelter & NFI: Providing Comfort and Security

2,281 individuals found refuge through our programs in 2023, offering not just physical shelter but security.

Financial Impact

Since 2011, over $156 million directly supported Syrians, transforming your generosity into tangible on-the-ground relief.

Shared Impact,
Shared Insight

At SRD, every dollar is a beacon of hope, and every statistic is a testament to your compassion. Let’s continue making a difference, one life at a time. We provide crisis humanitarian relief, planting seeds for sustainable development in Syria, all under the unwavering pillars of transparency.

Be the Source of Change

Your support propels us forward. Join us in making a difference:

1. Fuel our relief and development efforts directly.
2. Spread Awareness :Share our mission and stories on social media.

Your involvement matters. Together, let’s provide hope, relief, and sustainable solutions to those affected by the Syrian crisis.

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