There are many ways to raise funds for a cause that you care about that will do tremendous good for Syrians in need. Take a look at our programs to see if one of them stands out to you in your desire to help.

Once you’ve narrowed down a program, here are some ways to raise funds:



Visit our fundraising page on one of the following crowd-fundraising sites to create your own fundraising campaign. Share your campaign with all of your social media contacts. Contact us if you’d like help with getting the word out about your campaign!



Gift a Milestone

Do you have an upcoming birthday, graduation, or wedding? In lieu of receiving gifts, ask your guests to make a contribution to an SRD program that you’re passionate about. You can direct them to our website and/or we can even send you materials to have available at your event. Get in touch with us for more information!


Honor a Loved One with a Donation

There’s no better way to honor a loved one than with a donation in his/her name. Whether it’s for a new child or a close family member who passed away, making a donation on someone’s behalf is a beautiful way of honoring that person. If you’d like us to send your loved one a letter mentioning your name, the donation amount, or anything you want to include, we’re happy to do so. Just let us know. Soon we’ll make this possible through our website as well!


Host an Event

Use your creative talents, or pool together the creative talents of your community, and host a bake sale, walk-a-thon, outdoor concert with a local band, spoken-word performance, a play, jeopardy night, or anything that appeals to and is logistically possible for you. We’re happy to promote your event on social media and would also love to feature it in our email newsletter. Send us a message!