How We Work

Syria Relief & Development operates humanitarian aid projects that address the most urgent aid needs inside Syria. Our programs tackle a variety of international development sectors but primarily serve to meet the needs of the people through comprehensive needs assessments. We focus on four initiatives

Emergency Response

A vital program to protect and save lives during crisis situations


Provide Syrians with resources to rebuild their lives

Advocate for Action

Increase awareness of crises and denounce abuses with policymakers and civil society leaders

Multiplying Impact

Provide optimal solutions and support to our beneficiaries through our partnerships

Where We Work


The crisis in Syria has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians since it began 11 years ago. Cities have been destroyed and horrific human rights violations are widespread. The U.N. estimates that 6.9 million people are internally displaced, and about 5.8 million children inside Syria need humanitarian aid, the highest number since the start of the crisis.

SRD has established an office in Southern Turkey that services displaced Syrians in need in Southern Turkey and Northwestern Syria. In addition to the office in Turkey, SRD runs a hospital and clinics in Jordan.