Iman’s Earthquake Survival Story

“We didn’t get rid of war, displacement, and tents when this earthquake came. We returned to the tents. The situation is very bad, and the tents aren’t inhabitable, and on top of that tomorrow is the beginning of Ramadan.” This is how Iman (32 years) describes the situation that the displaced Syrians have reached in northwestern Syria, especially after the devastating earthquake that hit the area beginning of last month.

Iman (who is expecting her new baby next month) lives with her family in Al-Alani camp in the village of Talul in the countryside of Idlib, where she was displaced to the camp after the earthquake took her house and destroyed it with all its furniture and clothes. 

Iman adds, “My health condition and my fear for my baby in my womb affected me physically and psychologically, especially since there are no medical centers close to us.” In addition, the lack of transportation to the camp, and the poor financial situation that the family suffers from after losing everything, led to worsening Maryam’s psychological and health condition greatly, until our mobile clinics arrived at the camp and noticed the situation.

One of the staff of the medical team supervising Iman’s treatment says: “When we arrived and received Iman’s case, it was found that she was suffering from symptoms of gestational stress. Immediately, the necessary medication was prescribed for her and she was advised on how to maintain her health and the health of her fetus until the time of delivery comes.”

Iman was very afraid that the house’s destruction and the fear and terror she experienced had affected her pregnancy and her fetus.Mobile clinics serve a large group of people who do not have transportation to health centers, and who do not have the money to buy medicines. They also include departments of internal medicine, gynecology, nursing and psychological support.

After Iman’s condition was diagnosed and she was given the necessary medicine, she returned calmly to her tent, waiting for the arrival of her newborn, hoping that he would be welcomed into her house after it was rebuilt and all of their conditions would improve.